For Your Safety & Ours...Masks Remain Required

For Your Safety & Ours...Masks Remain Required
Student's immunizations must be up to date prior to the beginning of the school year. Although this is an unusual year, the state requirement is unchanged. Thank you!
Longfellow New Tech Elementary School has their own dedicated school Nurse.  Mrs. Tiffini Mikulich is available by email for any questions or concerns at
Covid-19 information and links are available by clicking here.  Below are reference pages regarding what symptoms parents should screen their students for before sending them to school, who has to stay home and for how long, and how to care for someone at home who is ill.
New Immunization Requirements for 2020-2021 school year

This school year there are some new additional immunization requirements.  See below for chart.

  • In regards to middle school children in particular, parents should please note that all students entering 6th grade need additional immunizations from what they needed for 5th grade.
  • Always take the current shot record to the doctor appointment.
  • Remember if your student will be in sports they will also need a physical while you are there.  See below for form.
  • IC 20-34-4 is the reference for the Indiana law requiring students to be fully immunized to attend school.  Exemptions are permitted for religious or medical reasons.  See below for forms.